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Grape Agate Sphere

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*These stones are 100% completely natural. No two are the same. Size and color will vary. Please select the exact one you wish to purchase. Weight and height are listed in the purchasing drop-down.

**Sphere stands are not included.

Recently found in Indonesia, Grape Agate is typically a purple color, but very rarely green will be found. The rarest is when bi-colored pieces are found containing both purple and green. That, my friends, is what we have here! 

Grape Agate is a strong intuitive stone that is known for activating and linking the crown and third eye chakras. It activates psychic capabilities and can aid one in understanding their dreams. Grape Agate is also good for promoting inner solidity, composure,  and maturity. 

Grape Agate is a major favorite here so this baby was hard to let go of! We are confident she will find the perfect home with one of you!

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