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Christmas Mystery Box

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Our Not-So-Mystery Christmas Boxes are finally here, but grab them while you can! There is VERY limited stock available!!

Each box contains similar items, but some items may vary slightly. Some boxes may have points while others have carvings. Some may have keychains while others have a different item. You get what you get! We have chosen to include higher-quality items in these boxes so the price will reflect this.

We have 2 different versions available. Our Christmas Box will include a Christmas Box that is perfect for the gift-giving season (pictured is an example of our gold box) while our Christmas Bag contains a little less than our first option and does not come in Christmas packaging. 

We put a lot of thought, time, blood, sweat, and tears (not literally of course...) into these Christmas bundles so we really hope you love them as much as we do!! 


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