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Satin Spar (Selenite) Bracelet 8mm

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*All of our crystals are 100% natural. No two are alike. Size and color will vary. If you have a preference for the color please message us! We will try to accommodate as best as we can but make no guarantees.

Satin Spar is often mistaken as Selenite. Although very closely related they are, in fact, different. Satin spar is the more commonly found opaque version like this, while selenite is actually quite clear. Both hold extremely similar metaphysical properties.

Satin Spar is most commonly known for its high vibration and cleansing and clearing capabilities. It is often used to cleanse and charge other crystals and is self-cleansing. Many find that it calms and soothes and is often used to aid in better sleep. It can be used in meditation to connect with the highest energies or to clear the mind when faced with challenging decisions and situations.

Satin Spar (Selenite), is a very soft crystal and should be handled with great care. It should not be carried or stored in a bag with other crystals as this will cause damage. It should also be kept away from water. Satin Spar is a hydrous material which means it absorbs water and can begin to break apart or dull.

Please see our store's policies before purchasing. Please Note: Satin Spar is a very soft stone. Carving and polishing each bead take precise, careful, and skilled movements. This reflects in the price.