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A Touch of Good Karma Boutique

High-Quality Heat-Treated Citrine Point

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There is so much controversy about Citrine. Most of the Citrine found on the market is known as Heat-Treated Citrine, but did you know that ALL Citrine is heat-treated? Yep, that's right! Even natural Citrine is heat-treated Citrine! Citrine is formed when Quartz crystals are heated to a certain temperature. When they reach the right temperature that's when it changes into Citrine. This can be done naturally within the Earth, which is extremely rare, or it can be done after it has been extracted which is when it becomes a "heat-treated" crystal. 

Personally, for myself, I have had the same piece of heat-treated Citrine in my collection for YEARS and it is one of the most energetically powerful crystals that I own! I do not believe that natural citrine is any better or more effective than heat-treated, but I can understand the desire to own a stone that took hundreds of thousands of years to become Citrine rather than a few minutes or hours. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is whether you are searching for a piece of natural Citrine or find yourself being intuitively drawn toward a piece of heat-treated Citrine, there's no need to feel guilty about your choice! Think about it this way, that Flower Agate skull that you love so much or that Black Moonstone Flame, even that gorgeous Fluorite tower they were all "man-altered" or "man-enhanced" after being extracted from Mother Earth. 

DISCLAIMER: The video shown does NOT belong to A Touch of Good Karma Boutique! With that being said, It is an extremely informational video about Citrine and how to tell if yours is real or fake! 

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