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Hemp Jelly

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Are you someone who uses petroleum jelly for moisture? If you're acne-prone, are you terrified to use any oil-based products on your skin? Well, We've got news for you! 

Those basic petroleum-based products are NOT providing extra moisture! What they do is create a barrier over your skin so that your skin's natural moisture production is not lost due to T.E.W.L (Trans Epidermal Water Loss), which is a big fancy term for the moisture that evaporates out of your skin or is lost due to outside elements. 

They are typically used for wound healing purposes, but in this Esthetician's over a decade's worth of experience, it can be a secret weapon in skincare if used correctly!

Our Hemp Jelly is NOT petroleum-based. We use Castor Jelly instead, which is more environmentally friendly and less pore-clogging! Along with Hemp Butter and Hemp Seed Oil, this makes it the ultimate addition to any skincare routine. Hemp Seed Oil/Hemp Butter is known for its extensive benefits such as controlling oil production, preventing dry skin, and soothing inflammation. Hemp Seed oil contains GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) which is a potent anti-inflammatory making this the perfect jelly for our acne clients! It encourages skin growth and new cell regeneration which promotes faster healing of breakouts while also reduces redness and irritation. And let's not forget about the anti-aging benefits! It also contains linoleic acid, oleic acids, omega-6, and omega-3 fatty acids. Wow! That's a lot of goodies in one jar!

Please Note: Consistency may vary. Packaging may vary.

Recommended use: Cleanse the skin with your favorite cleanser (we recommend Back to Basics Cleanser by ATGK Skincare or MIlk Bath Creamy Cleanser by ATGK Skincare). Tone with your favorite toner (we recommend Fresh Face Hydrating Toner by ATGK Skincare). Apply your hydrating serum of choice; do not use it with serums such as retinol, vitamin C, nicinamide, or any other potent ingredients unless suggested by your skincare professional as they will increase in effectiveness which could cause peeling or just be too much for your skin. Ask your skincare professional which serum would be right for you. Apply your favorite moisturizer (we recommend Fresh Face Moisturizer by ATGK Skincare). Apply a thin layer of Hemp Jelly by pressing gently onto the skin. This ensures that the previous products will not move and all products have been distributed evenly. Remove excess amounts of Hemp Jelly by blotting gently with a tissue. 

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