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A Touch of Good Karma Boutique

Chunky Angelite Points

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*All of our crystals are 100% natural. No two are alike. Size, height, and color will vary. If you have a preference on the color please message us! We will try to accommodate as best as we can but make no guarantees.

Angelite is actually formed when Celestite has been compressed for millions of years. It is a very soft stone that is highly susceptible to moisture so it absolutely cannot be cleansed in water. Angelite is connected, as it may suggest, to the realm of angels and helps in finding your spiritual sense of purpose by connecting you to your higher self. It’s a stone that encourages dreams, intuition, gentle self-expression, and peace of mind. It is great with anxiety, anger, resentment, or any of these negative emotions because it balances them before they become too harmful. 

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