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Dyed Agate Slice Pendant

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*These stones are 100% completely natural. No two are the same. Size and color will vary. Please select the exact one you wish to purchase. Weight and height are listed in the purchasing drop-down. 

**These pendants will come with a silver-colored chain while supplies last. They are not guaranteed. 

Agate Is a stone of healing and grounding and is often recognized for being a stone of strength and courage. It helps to ease anxieties and keep our emotions balanced so that we can stay mentally focused and sharp. Agate helps us tap into our intuition for better decision-making and has a huge influence on clearing our chakras and clearing our bodies of negative energies.

Agate comes in many colors and each has its own healing benefits and properties, but they all have the same core healing benefits of being extremely grounding.

Please review our shop's policies before purchasing.